Business Cloud 4 C's

By defining IT infrastructure and resources by the business needs being serviced, you can begin to allocate costs and benefits more accurately. In many cases budget time-lines, dollar amounts and benefits returned can be proportioned across units of people, facilities, production capacity and legal requirements. Decisions whether to insource or outsource, deploy to internal private clouds or public service provider clouds, and buy versus rent become clearer and easier. You can chart your infrastructure current and future states. As an example this diagram shows a snapshot of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS options used to create a real IT delivery infrastructure... Ours.
Provide infrastructure for communication between staff and client in a variety of means and techniques.
Allow for client, staff and external resources to participate as a team on project materials, ideation, tribal knowledge and project delivery.
To create, organize and manage project materials, human resources, client and prospect information, invoicing, bills and reporting.
Production process workflow and production capacity.
Cloud computing is not just a buzz word, nor is it just an evolution in IT. It can and should be a revolutionary change for most organizations. But revolutions do not happen without strife. A well crafted process with a nuanced evaluation of where we are, and a clear vision of where we are going allows for a collaborative plan of action. Because of infrastructure and application virtualization, state of the art large scale data centers can deliver compute resources at one half, one fifth, or even one tenth the cost of what most organization deliver today.

There is little doubt that cloud computing will overtake most of IT as we know it. The benefit is that an IT organization can go from static, passive IT to IT actively and eagerly anticipating new opportunities. Think of what you would do as a business as a start-up with no baggage. What would you do if you could just buy IT as you do telephone and electrical service? Asterius Media can guide you in travelling forward in the vanguard of the revolution.