Any Media to Every Media

Media Content Automation from Any Media to Every Media (Any2Every)
White board drawing of in from any media channel and out to every media format
Speaking of multi-channel delivery,  Asterius Media can apply a software solution that enables content aggregation and reuse across all media. It can include a plug-in architecture and leverages standards and cloud computing to achieving high availability and low costs. Truly we have arrived at a time where the promise of content being sourced From Any Media then channeled, formatted and delivered To Every Media is a reality.

Corporate communicators and media channel implementers are challenged today by an ever increasing barrage of formats, providers... and options. The field of Multi-Channel communication is complex, confusing and can be expensive. Most media technology platforms designed to help manage, automate, and reduce costs only provide support for a limited set of input and output channels.

But what if there was a way to allow content to be managed in common yet extensible formats, allow virtually any electronic data source to be imported from, and simple add-on connections to output formats using reusable templates? Can these principles apply to many integration challenges? Yes. Asterius Media has the answers.