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        As great as a web site can be, it usually is not enough to tell the whole story. There are experiences and thought progressions that have developed me as a professional. To get a better view of this please take a quick look at some presentation slides (some with audio) of sessions by me to regional, national and international audiences. Here are just a few of my favorites.

        I was invited to speak to an international audience in São Paulo Brazil. I was part of an invited panel of expert practitioners. I discussed cross-media in marketing, the changing world of communications, and new roles for service providers.

        A passion of mine is education and how technology affects both what students need to learn and how they can experience it. I actually gave this presentation twice. The first was to a regional conference on 21st Century Learning. I was then asked to give it to a large virtual audience at a worldwide education conference.
        One thing I like about my career is that I get to hang around with smart people and trade war stories. In this case I was asked to present at an XML conference with other industry experts on how we use XML technology and perhaps a vision for what’s next.

        I have often been asked to participate in forums for college students that are preparing to enter industry. In one case I presented for the prestigious program at Ryerson University. The topic of my presentation was how social media is becoming an important part of communication.

        In this presentation from 2009 I talk about experiences web-to-print applications to an trade show audience of print service providers. I did talk about our experience in implementing out of the box experiences with commercial offerings. But what I really talked about is how we extended them to meet customers needs. Then I discussed the type of things that need to change with commercial software to truly meet expectations.

        Here is an edited recording of an internal presentation. It is about how one organization planned a migration from internal IT infrastructure to cloud based service providers and offerings. Be sure to take a look at the end to see what results were achieved.
To the cloud
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        The message of how IT can be delivered in ways that reduce energy costs was the topic of this presentation to a business owners group. In particular are non-vendor specific ways that IT organization can help.

Greener It
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You can take a look at many more of my presentations, articles and papers at: 

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