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See What I've Done

My resume of work is publicly available at LinkedIn. I have a varied background that includes large and small organizations, consulting and development work in a variety of industries, significant community and volunteer work. But that does not tell the complete tale. 

To show you some of the successes I have delivered, you can view a Capability & Projects Portfolio of descriptions and visuals. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Part of what makes me different are my passions and my aptitudes. When you consider hiring someone like me, please consider the value of other personal assets.

Technical Acumen

Change has been accelerating since the beginning of time. But in the last few years the pace of change has been astonishing. Only those who accept and value change will be able to adapt and thrive. The constant desire to do research and stay abreast of industry change is a core part of who I am.

Business Savvy

I have been exposed to dozens of organizations and industries via consulting engagements and my work in the chamber of commerce public policy arena. This has provided insight into challenges faced by businesses from many different perspectives. Running small businesses has also challenged me in many areas well outside of IT including Finance, HR, Legal, Operations and Global Trade.

Change Agent

Early in my professional life I was deemed a change agent. I am one who seeks out opportunities for improvement. I tend to relish change rather then be one to stand still. I have learned techniques to help people and organizations recognize, adopt and benefit from change. Change management is difficult. Only by understanding this and addressing concerns will progress be made.

Planning Prowess

My engineering background and industry regulation experience gives me an appreciation for the importance of defining project strategies, objectives, tactics and time lines. By writing them down they can be analyzed, communicated, collaborated, adapted and measured. I have lived through many projects that validate that all of these activities are necessary for success.

Friction Buster

Business is about relationships and transactions. Innovation if about the free exchange of ideas. Broadband and systems can reduce the cost and time friction for each of these enabling a global network of information travel. I understand this and seek to exploit friction reduction in all areas.

Thought Leader

I have demonstrated skill at preparing and delivering presentations to industry audiences, public arenas, client organizations and internal staff. I have recognized that it is one thing to imagine the future, but another to get people on board with you. Both take dedication, passion and hard work. In my career I have been a part of many exciting projects and collaborations on new IT frontiers. I am keenly excited about what awaits organizations as they move toward IT as a utility, to further core business value instead a cost center to be managed.

It is tough to appear humble when you are selling yourself so forgive me. I have tried to identify virtues that might make me and my Asterius Media services valuable to you. Please contact me so that we can discuss your needs and my capabilities in depth.