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What I Can Do For You?

Do you have an IT project that needs taming and direction? I am available to lend an experienced leader to create some order out of what often is chaos. Using approaches such as Lean Agile Development, ITIL/ISO Standards processes and tried and true documentation structures, I can help projects succeed.

Does your business strategy need alignment with a new outlook for communications and computing infrastructure? I can help envision what is possible and then create a road map to get there from here.

Does Cloud Computing as a development platform or for business functionality have you in a fog? Let me clear up how terms like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS can be part of your business computing service delivery.

Do you have question about what Content Management System you use and do how  you implement it? I have been developing content managed web sites for 16 years. You can benefit from this experience with consulting on your CMS project decisions.

Are you having a difficult time establishing user requirements for customer development projects? With experience at developing web applications for over 15 years I can use a number of techniques to draw out requirements and arrive at a set of user stories that define a project.

Is there a need to create a mobile application customer interface for your transitional database system? By employing new standards based technology such as HTML5, CSS3,  jQuery and REST based API’s that goal is achievable. Let me design a suitable application architecture for you. I can then manage the development resources to make it a reality and deliver a business solution.

Having difficulty with an IT project schedule? I can show you how basic Project Management tools and methods can put it back on schedule. If you are at the beginning then my experience with resource Planning and schedule definition will make sure the project is manageable through delivery.

Often new technologies can quickly make old processes obsolete. In the last few years remarkable acceleration of change has taken place. Let me help your organization create a game plan that embraces change, lowers cost, increases agility and enables people to do more with less. As a Chief Technology Officer I can drive a collaborative effort to define the future and communicate a vision. Many people fear change and fear that technology will replace them. In reality, people that use technology will replace those that do not. I can help people be those that use technology instead of being replaced.

Ask me about a recently complete Business Process Optimization project for a small manufacturing company. I initiated a BPO process by documenting the first and second level job workflow processes with charts and stories. Most staff were interviewed during this process and reviewed the findings before completion for accuracy. The staff was also asked about ideas for improvement and process efficiency. The report identifies a number of recommended next steps and a prioritized listed of IT infrastructure and improvement ideas.

I can apply the core concepts of my Any Media to Every Media workflow architecture for your business communication and marketing automation project. I can demonstrate a number of projects that utilize the features and implemented in technology ranging from .Net to server side JavaScript.

Need help with research, reporting and recommending system requirements for a template driven multi-channel e-publishing? The business benefits are reduced cost and cycle time, increased publication consistency and adherence to best practices, reuse of common content across different publications, support for traditional and emerging channels including print, email, personalized web portals, eBooks and and mobile.