A Demo is Worth...

Let’s Fill In The Blanks

Seeing is believing so why not see a demonstration for yourself. A proof of concept application can demonstrate the inherent capabilities of the content objects for plug-in flexibility and reuse across a variety of media formats. It can also demonstrate the use of some recently popular development tools, platforms and techniques.

The whole architecture is held together by an extensible workflow model that leverages industry standards. This model allows for media content sourced from any electronic repository that can be accessed. It allows for multiple content sources to be used to customize predefined templates. These custom templates are created for each media output channel format that is part of a campaign workflow. Each job template is merged with individual contact records to define separate personalized and customized messages across touchpoint endpoints. Finally these individual packages are sent to endpoint rendering plug-ins for task execution and media delivery.

Does the picture described seem a little blurry or lacking detail? Contact us today for a proof of concept demonstration to fill in the blanks.