Asterius Media brings disciplined and proven processes for collection and definition of problem and/or opportunities for business processes and IT workflow challenges. The deliverable can be as easy as a single page assessment of project objectives, assumptions and dependencies. It can also be much more extensive documentation of the current status of a business process and a vision of the IT solution future state. Either way, the definition of features of the house to be built is a critical first step.

Utilizing experience in the heavily regulated nuclear power industry for project management, processes and procedures, and documentation and testing gives Asterius Media the critical background for this process. The result will be a well crafted plan of action and executive report on observations and recommendations for your project or strategic plan.

Working in the less procedure driven corporate marketing arena taught us that time and budget are often the deciding factors in winning or losing. The question is what is the the right level of discipline and process to apply to a given business situation? These two divergent experiences teach what and what does not work in custom application development in many different corporate environments. Those experiences can be important to the success of your project.