We live in a new IT world today. Soon the traditional vertically integrated technology stacks and applications will be gone. They are being replaced with best of breed integrated mashups with a combination of inside the firewall (private) and outside (public) services. With new software component objects and services readily available off the shelf, quickly assembled mashups or agile composite solutions will be the norm.

Also gone is the old way of designing software systems. Top down is being replaced with more agile and responsive techniques. Some call this Fire, Ready, Aim. But others call it Agile Design and Development. I’ve taken to calling this approach, Just-In-Time Design.

By applying basic principles of Lean and Agile with being respectful to traditional waterfall model features, an adaptive approach to software specification design and fast but purposeful iterations during development proves successfully.

Whether you project calls for serious back-end system integration or creating a front-end interface for mobile devices, the design process remains a critical element. And since the exact requirements cannot always be defined upfront, or a better idea is identified along the way, an agile just in time design process will net better results.

You can count on Asterius Media to identify the right process, assemble the right team, involve experts in the relevant fields to ensure that the process hits the target.