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“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”

Robert Frost


Why Asterius? Product and IT Management Consulting specializing in...

Strategic Planning for Marketing Technology Stack, Enabling IT  Infrastructure, Product Software Development

Right-sized Enterprise and Business Architecture Driven by Desired Strategic Outcomes

Product Management and Software Development Team Transformation and Coaching


  • Too often things get done without basic blocking and tackling

  • Even slivers of business activities deserve to be thought through

  • Developing How things get done without understanding What should be done and Why is wasteful

  • Not fitting into greater strategy or goals impedes growth and builds technical debt

  • Thinking through and writing down objectives and key results is a necessary solution

  • Benefit: “things work better when they work together, on purpose


“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. ”

Albert Einstein


After Why I then Identify and Deliver What then How

How often do you hear “we’re too busy to plan” or “we’ve done this before, no need to improve” or “why didn’t they do what I asked them?”

With strategic objectives and measurable outcomes “that are written down and shared freely, everyone feels more comfortable, and more work gets done”. Without them, team members cannot pull in the same direction.

Writing down the vision and goals (often not done at all) and clearly articulated objectives, key results, and benefits is crucial.

“Only 51 percent of companies, even attempts to develop align goals and among these, only 6 percent regularly revisit them.” — Deloitte Insights

Most problems with what is done can be traced to:

  1. Lack of asking “Why?” as a first step

  2. Lack of writing it all down during meetings and in notes

  3. Lack of defining and sharing objectives and key results

I’ve written extensively on this problem and solutions. View a listing of recent ones at  Articles and Posts.


“Things should be made as simple as possible... but not simplier”

— Albert Einstein


How is the capabilities that enable What to achieve Why

I promote Strategy or Outcome Driven… everything. To me strategy is synonymous with Why which is discovered via strategy maps and business model canvases.

I use those strategic objectives to anchor What is done via value chains, value streams and teams-tools-flows definitions.

Business capability mapping is used to link strategy to the tactics of How things are, or should be, done. Capabilities are defined as simple as possible with enabling templates that make up the people-process-technology components.

I utilize a set of tools I’ve created to capture these important pieces of information. I call it Digital Product Masters.

The Digital Product Model Master (DPMM) framework templates include all of these. Learn more in my post  “Business Architecture Right-sized: Introducing Digital Product Model Masters”.

Failure to understand and communicate What and Why results in teams that are not on the same page. Failed product development and marketing technology How projects are the outcome.

Fixing that is my mission.


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great


About Asterius

Are you looking for a CTO or CMTO on a contract basis? Do you have a problem area that you need a best practices assessment conducted? Does your business strategy need alignment with a new vision for communications and computing infrastructure? Are you ready to aggressively transform and take advantage of this century's innovations?

Asterius Media LLC was created to help your organization navigate the labyrinth of options and offer solutions to slay the beast of multichannel corporate communications and  IT infrastructure. Cross-discipline technical and managerial expertise is available to organizations who are transforming themselves using innovative technology.  I can help envision what is within the art of the possible and then create a road map to get there from here.

The issues surrounding new application platforms, delivery models, and torrents of new media and communications channels can be daunting. Most simply do not know what they don’t know. Asterius Media LLC is an IT consulting and development firm to help envision a technology future state, to organize needs into a planning road map, to design and manage the projects based on those objectives, arrive at lower cost and better agility for client organizations.

As the founder and chief consultant, Jeffrey Stewart deliver projects that combine years of experience and expertise in change processes, strategic planning, systems design, and software development. I take engineering discipline, combine it with business savvy and focus on emerging technologies that affect marketing processes, communications channels, and corporate IT infrastructures.

Asterius Media LLC is ready to help consult with you on your technology future, to organize your needs into a planning roadmap, to design and manage the projects based on those objectives, and together arrive at lower cost and better agility for your organization.