About Asterius

Are you looking for a CTO or CMTO on a contract basis? Do you have a problem area that you need a best practices assessment conducted? Does your business strategy need alignment with a new vision for communications and computing infrastructure? Are you ready to aggressively transform and take advantage of this century's innovations?

Asterius Media LLC was created to help your organization navigate the labyrinth of options and offer solutions to slay the beast of multichannel corporate communications and  IT infrastructure. Cross-discipline technical and managerial expertise is available to organizations who are transforming themselves using innovative technology.  I can help envision what is within the art of the possible and then create a road map to get there from here.

The issues surrounding new application platforms, delivery models, and torrents of new media and communications channels can be daunting. Most simply do not know what they don’t know. Asterius Media LLC is an IT consulting and development firm to help envision a technology future state, to organize needs into a planning road map, to design and manage the projects based on those objectives, arrive at lower cost and better agility for client organizations.

As the founder and chief consultant, Jeffrey Stewart deliver projects that combine years of experience and expertise in change processes, strategic planning, systems design, and software development. I take engineering discipline, combine it with business savvy and focus on emerging technologies that affect marketing processes, communications channels, and corporate IT infrastructures.

Asterius Media LLC is ready to help consult with you on your technology future, to organize your needs into a planning roadmap, to design and manage the projects based on those objectives, and together arrive at lower cost and better agility for your organization.