Discovering and exploring adjacent possible knowledge and embed insight discovery cognitive services

Innovation processes and transformations are the ingredients for much of my work. Innovation is always taking the already known, mixing them together and “Finding Your Next Big (Adjacent) Idea”.

In 2002, theoretical biologist Stuart Kauffman proposed that “systems are able to morph into more complex systems by making incremental, relatively less energy consuming changes in their make up.”

Innovation systems can stimulate further innovation given raw materials of current knowledge plus insights generated of what could be adjacent possibilities.

The ‘Adjacent Possible’ of Big Data: What Evolution Teaches About Insights Generation” observes “how new insights can be generated in previously unexplored areas.” systematically and that the theory of adjacent possible “extends to the insights generation process.

Knowledge Management systems try to discover new knowledge from analysis of current knowledge.

The step beyond knowledge management is “tools have to help us understand and discover unexpected relationships across all sources of information.”

Enter Cognitive Computing