Transform and extend data to produce information; Embed knowledge relationships meaning into graphs

Consider what the word semantic means:

  1. To make semantic, of or relating to semantics or the meanings of words.

  2. (software design, of code) Reflecting intended structure and meaning.

  3. (linguistics) A branch of linguistics studying the meaning of words.

The study of the relationship between words and their meanings.

To Semantify data is to establish data relationships and their meaning. In traditional data models and representation in database systems, a primary purpose is to collect and manage relationships between things the data represents… Things not Strings

I have written often on these processes and their importance in posts including, “Social Graphs, Linked Data, and of Course Kevin Bacon”, “Automated Serendipity, leveraging linked data improves interconnectedness and growth opportunities” and “The Building Blocks of AI: Cognifying our Apps Bit-by-Bit, Tag-by-Tag, Service-by-Service".

The triple is the fundamental structure of the RDF metadata model and the construction of the Semantic Web. freely available as Linked Data. Billions of RDF triples available in thousands of Linked Data datasets such as DBpedia and WikiData.

We can Semantify our data to extend it, transform it, connect it, MeGraph it - “Steal the Best, Invent the Rest”